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Faith HEALS is a community-based nonprofit organization working to improve the health and well-being of Americans of African descent through somatic, embodied faith and healing practices.

Prior to becoming Faith HEALS, the organization operated as Faith and For the Sake of All (FFSOA), leading faith communities in workshops based on Dr. Jason Purnell's work, including the For the Sake of All report on racial health disparities in the St. Louis region and the Segregation in St. Louis: Dismantling the Divide report on the history and conditions of racial segregation in housing. 

The COVID-19 pandemic invited FFSOA to shift its focus to the immediate health crisis disproportionately affecting Black people by partnering with churches in Black communities to provide COVID testing and vaccination resources. During that time we encountered those who were anxiety filled and needed spiritual support.

This invitation spurred us to think about developing more programming that centers healing of people directly affected by systemic racism and white supremacy. 

The Community Chaplaincy Project was born.

Now called Faith HEALS, the organization partners locally to increase spiritual capacity and teach healing practices throughout the St. Louis region.

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